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Everyday essentials bumper plates reddit

Investing in exercise equipment is an investment in your health and happiness. Whether you need a full stack of weight plates to bulk up, or are just looking for a rack to complete your current set up, at Walmart there's a great selection of weight equipment to help you crush your fitness goals. An Olympic weight plate can be used on all bars and for more exercises than a standard weight plate as well as being much more stable on the bar.

They are available in the same sizes, but rubber plates have an extra rubber layer for safety, durability and preventing damage to your floor. A plate set containing different weight plates allows you to use heavier or lighter weights for different exercises. Working out requires your undivided attention so you can yield the best results.

That could mean staying the course no matter how challenging the exercise gets, as well as making sure your exercise space is clear of any weight equipment that may interfere with your workout routine. Weight racks, for example, are a simple and easy way to organize all your weight equipment while also maximizing your space for more exercise potential.

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everyday essentials bumper plates reddit

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The Best Bumper Plates I've Ever Used...

Smart Home. Shop onn. Wearable Tech. Auto Electronics.Back to top. View in: Desktop. Home Forums Recruiting Pick'em LSU Football Schedule. Sign In Register. Just ordered some Wal-Mart brand colored bumper plates.

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Figured they were cheap enough to make it until Rep or Rouge starts restocking. I'll be the guinea pig and let you all know how they hold up. Replies 2. Options Top. Probably made in the same Chinese Factory as Rogue. You just saved money not paying for the name. Replies 1. Mikey99 Member since Nov posts. Is it the bumpers they are using for the new ACFT?

Thank you for supporting our sponsors Posted by Site Sponsor to Everyone. The diameter is the same as comp plates. Replies 0. I was looking at the reviews on the Walmart website and I laughed when I saw people were getting bumpers labeled with Hulkfit and WawaFit. The Hulkfit and Everyday Essential bumpers look exactly identical. I saw a picture for an Everyday Essentials power rack that had hulk fit plates. Guessing it's one of those Walmart strong-arm deals. Return to Board.

Page 1 of 1.Olympic weight sets from Fitness Factory are perfect for cross training box activities, powerlifting and more! Fitness Factory Olympic iron and bumper plate weight sets come in a variety of finishes and options including standard cast iron weights, Olympic iron, Olympic rubber grip, Olympic steel grip, Olympic rubber bumper and premium bumper.

everyday essentials bumper plates reddit

We also offer a number of set options including Olympic weight sets, Olympic weight sets with various Olympic bars, Olympic weight sets with trap bars as well as all-in-one packages featuring weights, bars and additional items such as rowers. COM Est. Login 0. Toggle navigation. Sale Items Floor Models. Call For Price. Cast Iron Olympic Weight Set with 7ft. Olympic bar and collars. Rubber Grip Olympic Weight Set with 7ft.

Premium Bumper Plate Set. Chicago Extreme Bumper Plate Set. Back to top. Set includes 2 each: 45lb. Set includes 2 each: 35lb. Set includes 2 45lb, 2 35lb, 2 25l Set includes 6 45lb. Set includes 4 45lb, 2 35lb, 2 25l The best bumper plates money can buy, th Commercial Rated. Bumper set includes, 2- 10lb.The quality construction of Troy Barbell Competition Bumper Plates makes them perfect for tough Olympic lifting or for challenging training workouts. This accuracy lets you solidly track your progress and also prepare for weightlifting competition.

The Troy Barbell Competition Bumper Plates are also convenient, because their construction makes them thinner than standard rubber bumper plates. Each of the Troy plates has an oversized mm steel hub in its center.

Everyday Essentials Color Coded Olympic Bumper Plate Weight Plate w Steel Hub, 260 lbs

Because steel is heavier than rubber, the plates are able to reach regulation weight without the added bulk that comes with standard rubber bumper plates. Troy Barbell Competition Bumper Plates are also quiet. This construction reduces plate rattle, which leads to a more enjoyable workout with minimal noise annoyance.

Bright colors provide easy weight identification and lend a clean, attractive look to your facility. Troy Barbell Competition Bumper Plates are sold in pairs. My Profile Order History Logout. Plate Options 10 kg.

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Yellow, 43 mm wide.Sign up for a Slickdeals account to remove this ad. Giving Reputation Points is a great way to show your appreciation for their work. First Unread. Forum Thread. Good price? See Deal. Good deal? You have chosen to thumb up this deal. Great deal. You have chosen to thumb down this deal. You gave thanks to for this post.

Thank you! Say thanks! Add Comment Report Expired Reply. If you purchase something through a post on our site, Slickdeals may get a small share of the sale. Exercise Equipment. Want more deals like this? Create a deal alert for Exercise Equipment. This comment has been rated as unhelpful by Slickdeals users. Go Ape Sh! That's cheap for bumpers but do they hold shape?

Most cheap brands warp under load. Keep Searching.

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Looks decent, much cheaper than ones on Amazon. I'll try it.

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New User. All the cheap branded ones are probably made at the same factory anyways. L1: Learner. Here's the link to the pound set, which doesn't seem to pop up anymore unless you search the product code. L4: Apprentice. They just arrived and the quality seems ok, didnt drop them much yet, but Ill update you guys in the future if I remember.

Had a delivery problem and I got refunded some money also making it a better deal. They seem pretty decent for a home gym.Well you have come to the right place! There are many other sets of varying weights and plate combinations available but these three are the most common and therefore the easiest to compare.

This should be more than enough to give you a solid idea of how each brand is priced. When shopping other brands avoid plates with brass or bronze inserts; buy plates with steel or stainless steel inserts only. The width of each size can vary slightly by brand. Most are generally in the same ballpark, but the crumb rubber brands XF and HI-Temps are super thick.

Avoid these if you need to stack some decent weight on the bar. Drawbacks include a higher cost and a slightly smaller overall diameter than pretty much every other single plate on the market Hi-Temp plates are also more susceptible to insert separation than virgin rubber plates. Vulcan Strength bumper plates are currently my favorite plate available. This update pretty much eliminates any chance of insert separation.

In the image below, you can see a cross-section of a Vulcan pound plate. The combination of this improved durability, competitive set pricing, long warranty, and low bounce make the Vulcan plates about the best choice for CrossFit and Olympic training; in both garage gyms and busy CrossFit affiliates. The plate is the same though.

Rep does not. So get a shipping quote for your area and maybe the Reps are good deal.

Troy Barbell Competition Colored Bumper Plates (kg)

They offer the same innovative bumper plate, a large set variety, and free embedded shipping. They also offer their basic bumpers in black, black contrast, and IWF colors — lots of variety! They even pay for return shipping if you ever actually have an issue. The issue I take with this is that there is no reliable price to give you guys, so in my list s below I have just used their regular price. These have a competitive starting price, and like most dealers the cost does include shipping on sets.

The Rogue HG 2. This is the plate design that most of us are familiar with, and the ones you see in most CrossFit boxes the previous HG plates had the grenades on them. The HGs were recently improved and are now similar in appearance to the Vulcan version, but unfortunately the Rogue plates do lack the anchored insert. An unfortunate drawback to these aside from pricing is the fact that the steel inserts are not seamless like other plates, and the seam will do a number to the finish of your barbell.

That said, these are some the quietest plates on the market, so if that noise dampening is important to you, these may be the plates for you. You can also read a review of the Alphas here. Just remember — the larger the set is, the less you pay per pound, and the more time you have before you need to add more weight to that set.

If not, then the durability of the smaller plates matters not though Vulcan does still have the best price. These bigger sets are not as easy to side-by-side compare as the previous two — due to the difference in total weight and difference in plates offered in the packages. They range from lbs to lbs depending on the vendor, but in all cases these are the most economical cost per pound sets offered. Rogue offers black HG plates in kilograms, Vulcan offers colored basic bumpers in kilograms, and American Barbell offers both.

Getting IWF colors on your basic plates raises prices somewhat, of course, but no where near what professional, large-hub discs cost. Rather than being speckled, they have a sort of tiger-stripe color effect. I have a review of the Savage Bumper Plates that you can read here.

American Barbell Shields are very unique, but also a bit on the expensive side. Olympic Training bumper plates are the non-certified version of Competition bumper plates. Weight tolerances are much stricter than they are with basic bumpers. The term competition plate is kind of a catch-all for large hub bumper plates despite the fact that almost none of them are actually certified for competition.Cheap in price but not in quality, these bumpers from Rep Fitness offer superb value.

Check current price. The quality and precision of these bumper plates is second to none.

everyday essentials bumper plates reddit

Amazing durability, great design, and accurate weights, these bumpers have some of the best craftsmanship while sporting a very attractive price point. They can withstand over 15, drops from the average height of an Olympic-style lift bar drop approx. From the excellent exterior paint finishing to the durable steel inserts, these weight plates are cheap in price but not in quality. Check current price at Rep Fitness.

The inserts are made of stainless steel and the cover is made of high quality virgin rubber, making them one of the most durable bumpers available. Excellent as usual from the premier manufacture in the fitness and exercise industry. Check current price at Rogue Fitness. ProSource are offering up stiff competition to the likes of Rep and Rogue through high-end products that meet excellent standards of quality.

These contrast bumpers are a great example of that. If not for their slightly higher price point, they could easily have been our favorite option. They have an amazing design with a great finish that gives them a different look to the other common black bumpers, as well as a precise diameter and very low thickness. Check current price at ProSource.

Back to navigation. Fringe Sports brings something new to your bumper plates options by providing a handsome contrasted design that stands out from the rest.

The color coding on each plate will make you easily differentiate one from another, while the weights are labeled in both lbs and kgs. All the other important factors that you should look for in a bumper is fulfilled.

Check current price at Fringe Sport. Last but not least, we have these premium bumper plates from X-Training Equipmenta great option for those with stricter budgets looking to start lifting. However, the weight plates are thicker than most brands since they use lower density materials, meaning they will take up more space in the bar.

For beginners this may not be a deal breaker, but people who lift heavy might have trouble getting their full set of plates onto the bar. Barring that no pun intendedthese X-Training bumper plates are a great option for anyone looking to finish off their home gym without emptying their bank accounts.

Check current price on Amazon. A common concern among lifters when looking at bumpers is this: If plates bumpers or iron ones are essentially all the same thing, then why choose bumpers? This one goes both for you, as a weightlifter, and for your gym. Dropping a bar full of iron plates from reasonable height can severely damage your floors and in some circumstances even harm yourself.

Bumper plates are deliberately made with this in mind; to lessen the impact of the drop and have a controlled bounce that will protect yourself and your floors. Iron plates come to a thunderous stop when they hit the ground, and without serious protective flooring they will probably break or chip the floor.

Bumper plates are not entirely made of rubber: They have steel and iron inserts inside and are covered with rubber, which makes the manufacturing process much more accurate than with their full iron counterparts. Rubber has excellent durability and will require little to no maintenance.

Not only that, it will require severe mishandling of these plates to chip them or flake the rubber covering. This quality made them the go-to choice for CrossFit and outdoors exercises. This point derives from the previous two. With the information above you can add this essential equipment to your home gym and start banging out Oly lifts or Powerlifts if you prefer and making those sweet gains. Serious Olympic Weightlifters prefer bumper plates because of their reduced impact when hitting the ground — this makes them much quieter, easier on your floors, and controlled in their bounce.

One of the greatest aspects of bumper plates is the low weight tolerance. As always, best of luck with your home workouts. Your email address will not be published.

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