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Beyond the Dark Portal, the shattered world of Outland awaits. These malicious, mechanically enhanced monstrosities have waged a campaign of conquest that has left only a desolate, post-apocalyptic wasteland in their wake. Now, the denizens scavenge to survive in the ashes of their broken world. All hope is not lost, however. The Black Temple stands as the last bastion of civilization in the war-torn realm, where the self-proclaimed lord of Outland, Illidan Stormrage, and his army of Demon Hunters fight to take back their world.

Journey through the Dark Portal and lead the charge to save the world in Hearthstone's newest expansion, Ashes of Outland! Empowered by demonic energies, the Demon Hunter wields unbridled fury. This is exemplified by its Hero Power Demon Claws —a one mana-cost boost to Attack that allows Demon Hunters to fluidly weave direct attacks into their combat strategies. Demon Hunters brandish the power of fel, while crushing their opponents with colossal demon allies. The Demon Hunter is a permanent, full-fledged class that will be supported across all future Hearthstone expansions.

The Demon Hunter is completely free for all Hearthstone players after they complete the Demon Hunter Prologue missions that become available on April 2. Starting with Ashes of Outland15 new Demon Hunter cards will be released with each future expansion in the Year of the Phoenix. You can read more about the new Demon Hunter class here.

The battlefields of Outland are littered with the remains of would-be heroes and the unrelenting Rusted Legion is raising these fallen warriors for their own twisted purposes. Primes start off as strong early- or mid-game Legendary minions that hit the board and do their duty, bravely falling in battle to fight for control of the board.

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When their Deathrattle is triggered, a vastly-upgraded some may even say completely overpowered version of themselves is shuffled into your deck. All nine original classes have a unique Prime, like the Legendary Warrior minion [[Kargath Bladefist]]. Ashes of Outland also introduces Imprisoned Demonsfel entities that come into play Dormant for two turns.

If you currently have Battlegrounds bonus stats, choose from 3 Heroes, or visual emotes unlocked—you will get access to the equivalent new perk starting on March Battlegrounds Perks earned from collecting Descent of Dragons packs including the new perks such as choosing from 4 heroes will expire once Ashes of Outland is released. With the introduction of the Tavern Pass, which is included in the Ashes of Outland Mega Bundle, players will no longer have to purchase card packs in order to unlock Battlegrounds Perks.

Purchase one or both of the pre-purchase bundles available for Ashes of Outlandavailable in-game and on the Battle. Pre-purchase Now! Must log in by June 29 to claim. The quests will be initially available on the following dates.

Ashes of Outland is only the beginning. A new, totally freesolo adventure will be coming later in the expansion cycle! Illidan and the Demon Hunters will take the offensive against the Rusted Legion with the fate of Outland hanging in the balance yet again.

Overwatch League. Log In. All News. Blizzard Entertainment March 17, Pre-Purchase Ashes of Outland Purchase one or both of the pre-purchase bundles available for Ashes of Outlandavailable in-game and on the Battle.

Ashes of Outland Mega Bundle. Ashes of Outland Bundle.

Hearthstone: 2019 Standard rotation guide & schedule

World of Warcraft.During the Hearthstone showcase, Blizzard has revealed multiple expansions and updates that will release throughout the year. This includes a new class, a new expansion, and multiple gameplay changes and updates. The Demon Hunter class will be available to everyone who beats the Demon Hunter prologue campaign, which contains four single-player story missions. You must have an open deck slot.

The campaign will be available on April 2, and after completing it, Demon Hunter will be unlocked on April 7. Year of the Pheonix has many other, smaller updates as well, including a change to their ranked mode, which will fix how match-making works and will include a new progression system with rewards.

The game will also be easier for new and returning players who have been absent for a long time, to get back into thanks to new single-player missions that help you ease your way back in, as well as the fact that you get a new, free deck, for the class of your choice. Battlegrounds will get an update, with the inclusions of a new playable hero Illidan Stormrage.

UNLIMITED POWER Anomaly Run - Heist Ch. 1 - Rise of Shadows - Hearthstone

A lot is coming to Hearthstone inso make sure to stay tuned for all the updates, and visit the developer blog for more info. Connect with us. Continue Reading.

Related Topics: Blizzard EntertainmentHeartstoneyear of the pheonix. To Top.Hearthstone is a free-to-play online digital collectible card game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment.

Originally subtitled Heroes of WarcraftHearthstone builds upon the existing lore of the Warcraft series by using the same elements, characters, and relics.

The game features cross-platform playallowing players on any supported device to compete with one another, restricted only by geographical region account limits. The game is a turn-based card game between two opponents, using constructed decks of 30 cards along with a selected hero with a unique power.

Players use their limited mana crystals to play abilities or summon minions to attack the opponent, with the goal of destroying the opponent's hero. Winning matches and completing quests earn in-game gold, rewards in the form of new cards, and other in-game prizes. Players can then buy packs of new cards through gold or microtransactions to customize and improve their decks. The game features several modes of play, including casual and ranked matches, drafted arena battles, and single-player adventures.

New content for the game involves the addition of new card sets and gameplay, taking the form of either expansion packs or adventures that reward the player with collectible cards upon completion.

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In contrast to other games developed by Blizzard, Hearthstone was an experimental game developed by a smaller team based on the appreciation of collectible card games at the company. The game was designed to avoid pitfalls of other digital collectible card games by eliminating any possible plays from an opponent during a player's turn and by replicating the feel of a physical card game within the game's user interface. Many of the concepts as well as art assets were based on those previously published in the physical World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.

Set within the Warcraft universe, Hearthstone is a digital-only, turn-based collectible card game which pits two opponents against each other. Players select a hero from one of ten classes. All classes have unique cards and abilities, known as hero powers, which help define class archetypes.

hearthstone expansions

There are four different types of cards: minions, spells, weapons, and hero cards. Quests are a specific type of spell only found in three expansions. The game uses a freemium model of revenue, meaning players can play for free or pay to acquire additional card packs or content. Unlike other card games such as Magic: The GatheringHearthstone was designed to speed up play by eliminating any manual reactions from the opposing player during a player's turn, and setting a timer for each player's turn.

During a turn, players play cards from their hand using "mana", a budget each player must abide by which increases by one each turn with a maximum of ten, and with cards having various mana costs.

Minions and spells are unique. Minions will be placed directly onto the board after being played and may carry special effects like Charge or Deathrattle, allowing the minion to attack instantly or making the minion do something special upon death, respectively. Spells have distinctive effects and affect the board in various ways. Cards can be obtained through opening card packs or by crafting them with arcane dust.

The normal gameplay mode is one-on-one matches between a player and a randomly selected human opponent. Within this, the Standard game mode uses prepared decks limited to cards from the Basic and Classic sets alongside the expansions from the last two years. A separate Wild game mode allows all past and present cards to be used subject to deck construction rules.This page aims to chart the major events of Hearthstonefrom its initial conception to the introduction of the latest feature.

For a timeline of Hearthstone' s meta history, see Meta History. Dodds and Brode begin prototyping, rapidly iterating through myriad designs. Dodds and Brode produce the first working version of Hearthstoneusing Flash. Following mixed responses from within the company to Hearthstone 's initial announcement, in December the game achieves "broad exposure" across Blizzard, with a substantial portion of employees playing Hearthstoneand beginning to get "really excited" for the game.

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hearthstone expansions

Support Contact PRO.Which Hearthstone expansion is best? For every imagination-grabbing legendary like Emperor Thaurissan, there are half a dozen Boogeymonsters clogging up your packs.

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But Justicar has also seen play in Priest and Paladin, and the fact her ability effects each class differently makes her one of the most interestingly designed legendaries in the game. And therein lies the problem with the keyword. The sweet spot between overpowered and unplayable is super small, and Team 5 was unable to land designs on it consistently.

Inspire aside, TGT just had a worse ratio of hits to misses. We expect more filler from big sets versus the adventures, but there was a lot of sawdust in this sausage. Even decent cards like Refreshment Vendor are on the boring side, while Evil Heckler was a dull upgrade on an old vanilla card. Which is fine, but hard to get excited about. And the same goes for the theme itself. The notion of creatures gathering from across Azeroth to fight in a tournament felt nebulous, even by Hearthstone standards.

You might even say it lacked inspiration. Most damningly, the key deck spawned by The Grand Tournament was Secret Paladin—which was largely braindead to play, but was left unchecked until Standard removed Avenge, Dr.

Boom, Sludge Belcher and a few other core components. There is hope for The Grand Tournament, though. Raza the Chained, the new Priest legendary from the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan set, will make your hero power cost 0 for the rest of the game. With that effect in play, suddenly cards like Kodo Rider and Injured Kvaldir are going to look pretty interesting.

Perhaps Inspire could enjoy an Indian summer after all. When I interviewed popular streamer Kripp a month after One Night in Karazhan was released, he thought the adventure felt rushed because some of the cards were so poorly designed for Arena, and few helped counter the dominant Shaman class.

As it transpired, Shaman actually got even stronger thanks to the addition of Maelstrom Portal and Spirit Claws. The 4-Mana theatrical impresario is the kind of card players love to hate. The benefits of getting a baby Ragnaros or Savannah Highmane are obvious, but even when Barnes pulled something less spectacular, it was hardly a disaster.

Inevitably the outrage proved a little over the top, as both Priest of the Feast and Onyx Bishop turned out to be perfectly playable. As with the other adventures, there were some particularly strong class cards in Karazhan.

So why not place Karazhan higher? Well, even if we ignore the fact the PvE encounters felt undercooked and easy, the neutral cards really were thin gruel. It also seems weird that, having nerfed Molten Giant, Team 5 then created Arcane Giant, which could be reduced in cost without any risk by any deck with enough spells. One card which was a design slam dunk, though, was Prince Malchezaar.

Though clearly not intended for serious play outside fringe fatigue decks, it nonetheless gave new players random access to every legendary in the game.

A sign that even in somewhat makeweight sets, Team 5 is still capable of pulling interesting concepts out of the ether.

Another raid-inspired adventure, and with almost half of the cards having some sort of Dragon synergy, another attempt to push a tribe into viability.

Not that it stopped players from trying, as the scars of frustrated Dragon Paladins show. It was only with The Grand Tournament that Dragon decks really became a thing, with Warrior benefiting most thanks to the survivability of Twilight Guardian and the aggression of Alexstrasza's Champion. To get a sense of just how ridiculous Patron Warrior deck was at the height of its power, check out this turn from a mirror match at the NA BlizzCon qualifiers in Despite misplaying, Reynad was able to deal over 70 damage from an empty board.Hearthstone's first expansion will contain new cards, as well as new heroes and game boards via Hearthpwn.

hearthstone expansions

Blizzard is working on new heroes for certain decks for instance Varian instead of Garrosh warrior. All of Blizzard's games typically have achievements, Hearthstone doesn't have any yet so expect a update on that.

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Rumored expasion already in works with developers planning to develop cards. Different game modes are tossed around but not actively being worked on I. E observer mode and 2v2, via neogaf hearthstone contest.

During a Blizzard "fire side" chat, Eric Dodds lead designer for Hearthstone says they want to input a single player PVE player vs environment in which the player faces off against a boss or a series of bosses. Blizzard announced at blizzcon that if you play x number of matches or win x number of matches for a certain month you can unlock a specialized "card back.

General - After the game is released, there will be rewards for your ranking in ranked play mode at the end of each season. Card Backs - Exclusive card backs have been confirmed for participating in each season. They will become available with the rewards for end-of-season rankings. Heroes - New heroes will be purchasable from the in-game store. These will not come with new hero powers, and are only intended to give each class a new visual look. Last Edited: 18 Feb am. E observer mode and 2v2, via neogaf hearthstone contest During a Blizzard "fire side" chat, Eric Dodds lead designer for Hearthstone says they want to input a single player PVE player vs environment in which the player faces off against a boss or a series of bosses.

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hearthstone expansions

Release Date April 2, Table of Contents.Expansions are major card set additions to the game of Hearthstone. Expansions introduce the majority of collectible cards into the game, with each expansion introducing around new cards.

These cards, referred to as expansion cards, are used primarily to create and build decks to play in Casual or Ranked mode, in either the Standard or Wild game format modes. These expansion cards are obtained chiefly through purchasing and opening card packsthrough craftingor through earning Arena rewards. In earlythe developers announced their plans to release three expansions each year, with each expansion featuring around new cards, abandoning their previous annual release cycle of expansion- adventure -expansion.

Hearthstone' s first expansion was Goblins vs Gnomesreleased in December The following is a table of all card setsfeaturing all collectible cards in the game. This includes all expansions and adventuresthe core sets of Basic and Classicand the Hall of Fame set.

For the full table with legend and notes, see: Card set table. The second infusion of new cards to be added to the game, after Naxxramasthe expansion features new cards of which are collectiblewith a strong mechanical theme, and introduced the Mech minion typeas well as debuting the long-awaited spectator mode. The Grand Tournament is Hearthstone ' s second expansion, launched August 24th, With more than new cards, the expansion features a strong theme of Hero Power -related effects, as well as seeing the introduction of the first full new keyword since the game's release - Inspire - allowing minions to grant special effects each time the player uses their Hero Power.

It also introduced a new non-keyword mechanic, Joust. Whispers of the Old Gods is Hearthstone ' s third expansion, launched April 26th, Featuring new collectible cards, this sinister expansion revolves around the dark influence of the Old Godsancient and unspeakably evil creatures that have long lain hidden, imprisoned in the dark places of the world millennia ago.

Despite their imprisonment, these shadowy beings' influence can be felt in every corner of Azeroth, twisting and corrupting any who hear their maddening whispers. With an army of followers performing forbidden empowerment rituals, the tentacles of these massive horrors are growing rapidly toward the light, eager to bring their own kind of excitement to the sunlit kingdoms and merry taverns of Azeroth.


Released December 1,Hearthstone 's fourth expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzanfeatures new collectible cards. Set in the bustling, lawless port city of Gadgetzan, the expansion features characters from the city's three ruling crime families - the brutish Grimy Goons, the assassins of the Jade Lotus, and the shadowy spellcasters of the Kabal.

With their own minions, spells and weapons, each family is formed from an allegiance of three different Hearthstone classes, resulting in multi-class cards, usable by heroes of any of those three classes. Journey to Un'Goro is the fifth expansion to Hearthstonefeaturing collectible cards.

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